A look at Samsung The Premiere SP-LSP9T 4K laser projector: a reference home cinema

A look at Samsung The Premiere SP-LSP9T 4K laser projector: a reference home cinema

Samsung The Premiere SP-LSP9T 4K Laser Projector: Reference Home Cinema

Irrespective of those that projectors in the quality of home cinemas began to win a long time ago, it seems that the https://it.benq.com.ng/page-recensione-degli-altoparlanti-portatili-sonos-roam stars were formed for laser projectors only once in a while. From one side further away, the larger physical diagonal of the television sets did not pierce into the bed, then it became costlyly costly. For the rest – the technology of laser projectors for the rest of the years, navpak, have grown up. Samsung The Premiere SP-LSP9T is an add-on that allows you to increase the image diagonal up to 130 inches for the price of a good 75-inch TV. At the same time, the new one has all the necessary set of technologies for it: support for 4K resolution, expansion of the dynamic range and the icon of modern TVs – the SmartTV package. The use of a continuous laser with an ultra-short focus made it possible to achieve high performance in brightness (the key parameter of the projector) of 2800 ANSI-lumens, without losing the chances of competitors. Why is the model awarded to the Editorial Board of the Editorial Board?

5 reasons to buy Samsung The Premiere LSP9T

  • image diagonal that overturns the largest TV;
  • the most advanced imaging technology that uses three lasers;
  • 4.2-channel speaker system 40 watts with speaker changeover technology;
  • SmartTV package is coming up with lots of tips to squeal;
  • Expanding the ecosystem (additional opportunities for Vlasniks) of Samsung technology.

2 reasons not to buy Samsung The Premiere LSP9T

  • Samsung The Premiere LSP7T is a lot cheaper
  • image clarity in daylight comes from OLED / QLED TVs

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